The Ultimate Digital Diary

Daily Notes is a diary for your thoughts, actions, goals and even aspirations. It lets you neatly group the different aspects of your life into separate tabs; from work-related items, personal journal entries, health and fitness log, research notes and more.
· Create tabs for each objective · Add sketches and photos · Instant overview of pending tasks · Quickly tag and filter items · Hassle-free sharing/synching · Password protected option

Snap & Sketch

Take pictures of your travel, projects and everyday happenings. Write comments on them. Draw, colour and edit your drawings. Easily chronicle your thoughts and ideas with Daily Notes.

Quick Synch and Backup

Automatically publish selected notebooks to your Evernote account. Backup your notes to Dropbox & iTunes. Access your notes+tasks anywhere and anytime with Daily Notes.

Task Management Master

Create tasks in each of your tabs for personal, work, health and more. Make recurring assignments and set reminders with ease. Be more productive with Daily Notes.

Bluetooth Keyboard Supported

Maximise your typing by using a Bluetooth keyboard. Make full use of its shortcuts and functionalities. It works perfectly well with Daily Notes.

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